Winter storm hits New England, leaving many without electricity.

first major snowstorm of the season, which brought heavy, wet snow, tens of thousands of New Yorkers were without power on Saturday morning. Some areas received 2 feet of snowfall.

more than 160,000 customers in New England and 20,000 more in New York were without power as a result of heavy snowfall that pushed tree limbs onto power lines.

Green Mountain Power reported over 35,000 outages on Saturday evening, with Vermont being the state most severely affected.

In Vermont, the state police reported that on Friday, they attended to more than eighty car accidents and gave traffic safety advice. The storm's effects led to the closure of some roadways.

Numerous customers in New Hampshire were still without power on Saturday. Around 44,000 people remained without power on Saturday

As of Saturday morning, Central Maine Power in Maine reported 69,750 outages. About 50 car accidents were reported, according to the Maine State Police.

The National Weather Service said that numerous localities in the area recorded more than a foot of snow, with some areas of Vermont and western New York receiving more than 2 feet.