'Wednesday' Streaming Chart has its second-largest week ever.

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Dec 22, 2022

Wednesday has already established itself as one of Netflix's most popular programmes, according to the streaming service's internal metrics.

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The Addams Family spinoff received nearly 6 billion minutes — 5.988 billion to be exact — of viewing time in the United States.

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That is the second highest week in Nielsen's two-year history, trailing only the 7.2 billion for Stranger Things 4 from May 30-June 5.

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The series is only the fourth to surpass 5 billion minutes of viewing time in a single week.

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Stranger Things has done it three times, while Tiger King and Ozark have done so once each during the peak of pandemic lockdowns in March and April 2020.

Dead to Me increased its time from 1.39 billion to 1.46 billion minutes, finishing a distant second to Wednesday.

Other Netflix titles that have achieved the billion milestone include 1899 (1.11 billion) and the film Slumberland (1.06 billion).