Twitter users says Elon Musk should step down as CEO

Elon Musk asked Twitter followers on Sunday if he should resign as the platform's CEO.

In a Twitter "poll" that ended on Monday after 12 hours, more than 17 million votes were cast, and the results were very clear: 57.5 percent of the respondents felt he should resign.

Mr. Musk had previously declared that he would respect the outcome of the vote. Mr. Musk did not immediately respond to the results of the vote on Twitter.

If he follows through, Elon Musk would cede control of the business that he paid $44 billion for in late October.

the company has made numerous layoffs, advertising sales have decreased, executives have resigned, and numerous high-profile user accounts have been suspended.

With the billionaire now recognising that there has been "increasing dissatisfaction surrounding this Twitter mess that grows worse by the day,"

Musk's resignation from Twitter would be "a significant step forward."