Trump requests that his followers stop opposing McCarthy.

the former president urging his congressional allies to stop "playing a very dangerous game" and put an end to their resistance to McCarthy.

Kevin has put forth a lot of effort. In an interview with Breitbart News on Friday, Trump stated, "I think he deserves the chance. We can only hope that he will be very good

Some undesirable events might occur. We had Boehner, who was an odd character, but we ultimately had Paul Ryan, who was ten times worse.

McCarthy is competing against five ardent Republicans for the position of speaker. Such opposition would prevent him from receiving the 218 votes.

Trump said in his interview with Breitbart that many of the lawmakers who are opposed to McCarthy's speakership bid are fans of his but he did not specifically name them.

The public pressure campaign McCarthy is waging against his detractors, such as Biggs, who last week declared his own run for the speaker's gavel, has been sharply escalated by McCarthy's remarks.

Trump isn't the only one telling House Republicans to get their act together, though. McCarthy's opponents "don't seem to have any good reasons to criticise Mr. McCarthy," the statement goes.