Trump paid $1.1 million in taxes during his presidency, but paid nothing in 2020.

Data revealed by a House inquiry shows that the former president initially recorded a boom of money after taking office,  his tax returns had reverted to significant losses.

The former president's tax returns will be made public in the coming days, the Democratic-controlled committee said on Tuesday, claiming they were improperly examined while he was in office.

The committee also made public a study on Trump's financial troubles over a six-year period, demonstrating how his tax liability was minimised by reporting substantial annual losses.

Trump controversially refused to make his tax returns public when he was a candidate for president in 2016 or while he was in office.

There aren't enough "supporting evidence," according to a Democratic Ways and Means Committee member, to back up Trump's financial assertions.

Any tax payer who submits to an audit is required to offer certain affidavits, documentation, and receipts; these things simply don't appear to be included in the information we've been given.

Doggett said that  "I believe you will see tens of millions of dollars in these returns that were claimed without sufficient justification".