Eagles vs Cowboys

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Dec 25, 2022


the Eagles lost to the Dallas Cowboys on Saturday at AT&T Stadium in a game that they should have won.

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The Cowboys scored 20 points as a result of four Eagles turnovers, handing the Eagles a 40-34 loss.

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The Eagles were still in a position to win the game despite their four errors. With 24 of 40 passes completed for 355 yards, two touchdowns, and two interceptions, Gardner Minshew was successful.

The Eagles suffered their first road loss of the year and dropped to 13-2 overall. Since the 2017 Super Bowl champion team defeated Dallas, 37-9, on November 19, 2017

DeVonta Smith led the Eagles in receptions with eight for 113 yards and two touchdowns, and the defense forced six sacks for a total of 43 yards.

For the remainder of the NFC playoffs, the Eagles must win two more home games to maintain home-field advantage.