My Hero Academia  



My Hero Academia X Fortnite Collaboration Unveils new items

The Fortnite x My Hero Academia collab event is now live. Epic Games has given information about all of the new character skins and goodies with the launch.

The Fortnite + My Hero Academia event will last through December 29, offering players almost two weeks to complete the objectives and earn the special rewards.

Fortnite players will receive a variety of rewards for participating in this event, the most popular characters: Izuku Midoriya,  All Might, Bakugo & Uraraka.

Each of these hero costumes comes with its own set of harvesting tools, such as Deku's Blackwhip Axe. Players should finish them as quickly as possible because the event will not remain forever.

The tasks may be performed in the event's new section in the game, The Hero Training Gym island. Players can gain Rescue Points in this arena

Finally, gamers will be able to locate Deku's Smash, which was originally featured in this collaboration.

Players can use Deku's famous powered-up punch, which is an equippable item attack comparable to the Kamehameha from the Dragon Ball franchise.