Metaverse Loses Crucial Metaverse Pioneer, John Carmack Quits.

John Carmack, the legendary game designer and VR enthusiast, has announced his departure from both Meta/Facebook and the virtual reality industry.

John Carmack resigned from Meta Platforms Inc's virtual reality unit, citing frustration with the company's slow progress and a disagreement with founder.

In his resignation letter, the games industry veteran stated that he never felt adequately able to influence Meta's VR endeavour in the right direction.

Carmack, 52, joined virtual reality developer Oculus in 2013 before Meta purchased it in 2014.

Carmack joined Oculus as chief technology officer after serving as an executive consultant for VR at Meta and acting as an open internal critic.

Carmack's id Software created the classic first-person shooter games Quake and Doom, as well as helping to pioneer 3D graphics for PC video games.

Carmack tweeted that there was a significant difference in strategic thinking between himself and Zuckerberg.