Intel may cancel 14th gen CPU's in exchange of 13th gen update

By: Rupak G

Dec 28, 2022

For many years, Intel infamously stalled around 14nm, allowing AMD to surpass it using TSMC-developed technology.

There were speculations that TSMC was dropping its 3nm GPU tile because of delays. It would instead make use of the business's current 5nm node.

Intel is trying to make the jump from 10nm to 7nm in its 14th gen cpu. However, Meteor Lake's repeated delays, it is now rumored that it will not take place.

Meteor Lake for desktop will "possibly" be cancelled because Intel considers it uncompetitive. It is currently preparing a Raptor Lake updated version for 2023.

A improved 10nm Raptor Lake upgrade will be made available by Intel. This should enable it to get a few hundred megahertz from the processors and slightly increase its efficiency.

Meteor Lake might be released on a new LGA 1851 socket after Raptor Lake. Thus, LGA 1700 would only have two CPU generations. Alder Lake, Raptor Lake, and the Raptor Lake refresh now seem to be the three.

Raptor Lake will be more competitive against AMD's upcoming offerings than Meteor Lake. More Zen 4 CPUs are expected, as well as several V-Cache SKUs.

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