Fortnite fined $520 million, for violating children's privacy

According to a Federal Trade Commission enquiry, Epic Games will pay a staggering $520 million joint settlement.

that Epic Games violated children's privacy and deceived some gamers into purchasing items in Fortnite that they didn't desire

The FTC declared on Monday that it was the biggest fine ever imposed by the regulatory body. 

Epic Games in response "No developer designs a game with the purpose of ending up here". 

The billion-dollar game developer is accused by the FTC of taking advantage of children while disregarding the laws designed to keep them safe online.

Due to this infringement of the Children's Online Privacy Protection Rule, Epic has agreed to modify Fortnite's default settings in exchange for a $275 million fine.

Epic is charged with making it simple to mistakenly purchase skins when previewing them and challenging to locate the refund option when gamers want to undo the transaction.