An overview of the drones Ukraine is able to use

Ukraine  launched a drone strike on a Russian oil rig on Dec 6 targeting Russia's interior

Ukraine has not formally claimed responsibility for the strike, but the country's interior affairs adviser, Russia over a video depicting an oil rig fire.

Russia has accused Ukraine of being responsible; nevertheless, Ukraine does have a lot of drones at its disposal to use against Russia.

which Ukrainian military have used to inflict massive damage on Russian targets

Turkish Bayraktar TB2

these drones manufactured by AeroVironment Inc. When the United States granted $800 million in security aid for Ukraine

Switchblade Drone

The US Air Force created these drones, promising that they would help Ukraine "send a punch" to Russia.

Phoenix Ghost Drone

Ukraine can also use the DJI Mavic 3. these drones are mostly employed to track Russian strikes.

DJI Mavic 3