Reasons that Data Science will have a bright future in 2023

Since applications for artificial intelligence, deep learning, and machine learning became possible in the 2000s, it has seen much broader adoption.

Data science is the application of scientific methods  and techniques to extract knowledge from data. It requires extracting information from large datasets.

There are numerous roles available in the field, and they can work for a variety of companies ranging from technology firms to healthcare org. to government agencies.

The field is rapidly changing; previously, data scientists focused on statistics and modelling, but this is changing in favour of coding and AI becoming more important.

The rise of cloud computing has also altered the amount of data processed and and coding and machine learning abilities are required to ensure correct insights are gained.

In the last year, 39% of businesses reported a cyberattack, and predictive analytics can be used to spot trends. 

A recent report named Data Engineer as one of the fastest-growing jobs, citing strong growth in jobs data science.