46-vehicle pileup in Ohio during a winter storm.

Published by mdholidayshow.com

Dec 24, 2022

In a pileup involving 46 vehicles caused by Winter Storm Elliott, four people are officially dead and numerous others are injured.

According to the highway patrol, the fatal collision occurred on Friday afternoon in the eastbound lane of Ohio Turnpike I-75 in Erie County during a whiteout.

In this massive crash Semi-trucks with smashed front ends and trucks stacked on the top of mangled cars' roofs

The victims have not been given names. Governor of Ohio Mike DeWine sent his condolences to the families of the victims in a statement he released on Friday.

Governor DeWine and other government representatives are pleading with people to reconsider their travel plans.

Whiteouts and extremely low temperatures are still present, making the state's roads extremely hazardous. If you can, please continue to stay at home.

Law enforcement cleared fifteen commercial vehicles from the turnpike, Ohio State Highway Patrol said, and the cause of the crash would be investigated.