20 Year old Fortnite Pro wins $1,000,000  Mr. Beast's Fortnite Challenge

The "MrBeast's Extreme Survival Challenge" was a significant in-game contest held by Fortnite for the players to welcome the entry of the current YouTube king. 

when it was revealed that MrBeast will have his own competition this month, but it would be in the creative mode rather than the competitive. the winning reward is a cool million dollars.

The winning team stated that the tournament's grand prize would be $1 million. Players from all over the world entered the competition in an effort to win the top prize by being the last guy remaining. 

Anas, a professional Fortnite player, won a massive $1,000,000 cash award. The European personality is presently playing for the David Beckham-owned Guild Esports esports organisation.

The Young pro made his team and David Beckham happy by winning a million dollars as his award after a remarkable 15-0 run and 142,000 total points.

Numerous well-known content creators praised the gamer for his "crazy performance," and Mr. Beast himself sent congratulations to the Guild member who won in the huge challenge.

the Fortnite pro describing his experience after taking first place in MrBeast's Extreme Challenge competition. He disclosed that he had been "grinding" and practising for the occasion all week.