Top 10 Art Galleries in America

When it comes to art, many people think of old paintings and sculptures by famous artists like DaVinci, Warhol and Michelangelo. However, they tend to overlook the art pieces produced by current artists. This is likely because people tend to look for art in museums instead of art galleries.

If you go to art galleries, you will find work by current artists, as well as up-and-coming ones. You will be able to see the evolution of art and how it has changed over the years. Going to one of the top 10 art galleries in America will open your eyes to a new form of art.

1. Walker Art Centre

Located in Minneapolis, MN, this contemporary art gallery is one of the best in America. It is a world renowned art center and includes paintings, sculptures, dance, live art, classes and more. Not only is the work inside amazing, but the building itself is a piece of art. It is uniquely shaped and amazing to look at. You will have a new outlook on art when you visit Walker Art Centre.

2. Greene Naftali

Located in the heart of New York, Green Naftali is home to many up-and-coming artists. The gallery features modern artwork that is truly candy for your eyes. The bright colors, unique shapes and unusual sculptures are something that must be seen.

3. Gallery Paule Anglim

Located in San Fransisco, this gallery opened in the 1970′s and has continuously housed pieces from local talents. With unique artwork such as digital media, this gallery is very unique, but still holds a historical feel.

4. Ratio 3

Also located in San Fransisco, this hip gallery will leave your head spinning. From the geometric linen pieces to the crazy, must-see video art or even the lighting show, this gallery is like no other. The gallery itself is also a piece of artwork that continues to change. The distressed wood floors add character to the building and are considered a piece of art.

5. National Gallery of Art

Located in Washington D.C, this is technically a museum. However, the pieces of artwork in the gallery show the transformation from western art to the modern art of today. The gallery is a must-see for any art enthusiast.

6. Hot Springs, Arkansas

There are so many art galleries in the town that the best cannot be chosen. There are tons of Victorian houses that are now home to the artwork of local artists. Stroll through each of the galleries and you will get a unique look at beautiful pieces of art.

7. Taubman Museum of Art

Located in Roanoke, VA, this gallery is also considered a museum, however it is one not to be missed. Looking at the building alone will ignite the inner artist in you. The unique design is eye-catching and beautiful. The modern artwork inside lives up to the building design and they even provide classes, family activities and tours.

8. Midway Contemporary

Located in Minneapolis, MN, this ultra-modern gallery has pieces of artwork with bright colors, strange shapes and underlying meanings. There is even one piece of artwork that will have you feeling like you’ve jumped into the painting and cannot find your way out.

9. Metropolitan Museum of Art

Yet another museum that could be considered a gallery. Located in New York, NY, this is one of the larges art galleries in the world. It holds over two million pieces of work.

10. Art Institute of Chicago

Chicago is home to this large art gallery. It is over 1 million square feet and has one of the largest collections of Monet’s artworks in the world.

If you want to get in touch with your artsy side, visiting one of the top ten art galleries in America will give you the opportunity. So, visit one of the many unique art galleries and prepare to see the world through the eyes of an artist.