Top 10 Shopaholic Resorts

1. United Arab Emirates

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Dubai is a champion at emptying tourist credit cards. The merger of the resort and the offshore zone created a festive and business atmosphere at the same time: the design of the pavilions is luxurious but rational; The courtesy of the sellers is boundless but not cloying. Lovers of gold will exceedingly rejoice: the shops of the Gold Bazaar have everything from trendy new products to gold sets of Asian brides.

2. Thailand

The markets of Bangkok and Pattaya fulfill Western tourists’ dreams of oriental exoticism. Dishes and boxes made of fine wood will last a long time, as well as things made of stingray or reptile skin (although it is better to buy them in shopping centers or stores at crocodile farms). Jewelry factories have many products with sapphires, but their design is often dull, but Thais cast silver jewelry with imagination and sell it cheaply.

3. Italy

At the height of summer in Rome, Milan and Florence are saldi – sales of summer collections. But only echoes of saldi reach the resort towns in the form of discounts on casual and sportswear and shoes. On the other hand, advertising sales of goods that have just arrived on the shelves are often timed to coincide with the holiday season, and it is in the resorts they are carried out on a particular scale.

4. Turkey

Turkish shopping is ubiquitous and intrusive – wherever you go, you will come across a point of sale. On the other hand, a moderate price helps to turn a blind eye to defects and uncomplicated design. Linen, hand-embroidered tablecloths and bedding, gold jewelry, and leather accessories are invariably popular.

5. Greece

A good half of Russian fur coat owners today wear Greek fur coats and sheepskin coats. Fur products can be found both in Athens and on the islands, but it is still more convenient to make such purchases in Halkidiki. During the day, if you wish, you can visit several factories in the vicinity of Thessaloniki.

6. France

Although Russians on the Cote d’Azur are happy to visit the shops on the Rue de Antibes and the boutiques on the Croisette in Cannes, many are also interested in budget shopping. In France, there are large outlet stores outside the city limits (Champagne is especially famous for them) and small outlets in cities with collections from past seasons at prices reduced by up to 50%.

7. Indonesia

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The inhabitants of Bali carve ritual masks, figurines, decorative wall panels, household utensils, and furniture from wood. Javanese and Balinese batik are also popular. For shopping, you can go to extensive galleries (for example, Galeria Nusa Dua) ​​or artisans’ villages.

8. Spain

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It is most profitable to buy Spanish goods in an offshore zone in the Canary Islands, but prices are also attractive in other resorts. Barcelona is famous among shopaholics: its main shopping area starts at the port, bypasses the embankments, and along the boulevards, reaches Diagonal Avenue. It is impossible to get lost, and for the laziest, the Bus Shopping Line bus follows this route.

9. India

Carpets and jewelry, figurines of Hindu deities, Ayurvedic preparations, herbal cosmetics, incense, tea, and spices – colors and aromas attract so much that tourists do not overthink the quality of local goods. If it is a long way to get to the markets of Delhi (for example, from the resorts of Goa), you can limit yourself to magnificent Indian fabrics.

10. Sri Lanka

Tourist shopping in Sri Lanka means visiting Colombo, where clothes from Zara, Benetton, Banana Republic, and similar brands are offered at any time of the year at the prices of the craziest European sales. In jewelry stores, you should look at sapphires, topazes, tourmaline, and moonstone products. The Sri Lankans are tough sellers, and bargaining will not cost a little here.