The top four American tourist destinations

You probably already know if you’ve known me for a while that I spent a while living in the United States and working at Disney. I’d like to share with you the top 4 American tourist destinations.

Of course, a lot of people travel to the United States to see particular locations, therefore I want to share with you the locations I loved the most while there. After all, I want to demonstrate to you how English may also take you to destinations you had never imagined.


First and foremost, Disney has a particular place in my heart because of the life-altering experience that was my time spent working there. There, I met my wife Aline, made some wonderful friends—one of them was Brian—and had the opportunity to work at the place where dreams come true! If you are a student of mine at the Junior Silveira English Course, you already know Brian!

Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Epcot, and Hollywood Studios are all part of Disney’s four theme parks in Orlando, in addition to the water parks. Epcot is my favourite park. Without leaving the park, you can not only travel to a different nation and experience a little of its culture, but you can also enjoy a lot of rides! It’s incredibly lovely, and in only a few minutes you may have a taste of several cultures!

Celebration is yet another gorgeous location. This is a town that Walt Disney himself designed! The houses, which were designed to resemble those in ancient Europe, are rather imposing. Even the trinkets you may buy there are from the 19th century! There is much to do there, and it is definitely worthwhile.

Times square

Another New York landmark where there is nothing to do but stroll around and take in the lights. There are more and more lovely to look at shops there. It’s constantly crowded and you see people from all around the world there. You can go to nearby prominent Broadway theatres and see the most well-known shows there.

White House

The White House was yet another location I went to and truly enjoyed. The area’s surroundings are all lovely, and there are many lovely homes nearby. Additionally, it is home to the Lincoln Memorial, which is where the well-known statue of President Abraham Lincoln is located. It’s well worth the effort, and the scenery is breathtaking.

Statue of Liberty

Many people wish to visit to view this location because it is a New York landmark. You may travel there by boat, and the island where the statue is located is rather lovely. You must purchase a ticket if you want to climb the statue. Although the statue itself is not very large, it is a well-known local landmark and a popular tourist destination.