Dream Christmas vacation spots for Americans

According to recent data, Americans want to spend Christmas in Iceland. The study by Iceland.org, an Icelandic travel and tour operator, looked at Google Ads data to determine which European nation each state wishes to travel to for Christmas. The top 25 coldest locations in Europe were studied, based on their typical December temperatures, for the average monthly search volume for travel-related search phrases throughout each state.

According to the study, Americans want to travel to Iceland more than any other European nation for Christmas. With the exception of West Virginia, where Germany is the most sought-after destination, Iceland is the most searched for location across all states. Americans nationwide look for words related to vacations in Iceland 69,420 times on average each month, solidifying the Nordic Island’s position as the top destination. Additionally, Americans look for the terms “Iceland flights” and “Iceland vacation” a combined average of 24,460 times per month.

The second most popular European country for Americans to spend Christmas in is Germany. It makes sense that Germany is ranked so highly on the list as it was the country that originally popularized Christmas markets. In all, 39,400 searches for travel-related terms like “Germany vacation” and “flights to Germany” are made each month in America.

Switzerland was ranked third on the study’s list of favorite winter vacation spots in Europe. Switzerland is a wonderful place to spend Christmas because of its Alps covered in snow and picture-perfect villages. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that searches for vacations in Switzerland generate an average of 32,160 queries per month.

“Europe is the best destination to visit around Christmas time,” a spokesman for Iceland.org said in response to the findings. “Whether you are interested in festive Christmas markets, European cultural traditions, or snow-covered landscapes.

This report provides an intriguing look at the destinations that Americans hope to visit this Christmas. Unsurprisingly, Iceland wins the prize since visitors are spoilt for choice by the country’s gorgeous scenery and landscapes, which include attractions like the Blue Lagoon and the Northern Lights.