The Most Famous Oriental Bazaars


1.Blue Market (United Arab Emirates, Sharjah) The largest market in the most “sober” emirate is even memorable from the outside: it is an unusual building resembling a steam locomotive. Inside, … Read more

10 Aquariums Worth a Walk in the World


1.Georgia Oceanarium (USA) Opened in 2005, the Oceanarium in Atlanta is considered the largest on Earth. More than 100,000 animals participate in his daily underwater show Behind the Glass, but … Read more

Top 10 Shopaholic Resorts


1. United Arab Emirates Dubai is a champion at emptying tourist credit cards. The merger of the resort and the offshore zone created a festive and business atmosphere at the … Read more

Best Romantic European Cities


In cities where you can’t see the dawn in winter. this is how a well-known song sings about the shortcomings of urban civilization. You can’t know the morning, as the … Read more

Best Subway in the World

MTR Hong Kong

A big city is unthinkable without the subway. It carries passengers to their destinations without holidays and weekends, delays and lunch breaks, and with pharmaceutical precision. When traffic jams paralyze … Read more