British top dream vacation location for 2022 is the United States

According to research by price comparison and financial guidance platform, the United States of America is the British public’s “dream vacation” for the upcoming year.

Brits were asked about their travel plans for the upcoming 12 to 18 months, including their ideal destinations, expected costs, and methods of funding, in a study of 2,000 British adults commissioned by Forbes Advisor.

In contrast to more popular European vacation spots, long-haul flight locations were the focus of this study by Forbes Advisor, as two thirds (67%) of respondents said they considered a “once in a lifetime” vacation to be a medium or long-haul journey (3-6+ flight hours).

The top 10 “dream vacation spots,” the proportion of respondents who chose them, and the typical cost of a trip to each place are as follows:

USA: 19.8% / GBP2,322

The Caribbean (e.g. Barbados): 9.2% / GBP5,647

Canada: 8.3% / GBP2,088

Dubai: 6% / GBP2,181

Maldives: 5.2% / GBP2,625

Thailand: 5% / GBP1,485

Japan: 4.7% / GBP3,036

Hong Kong: 4.2% / GBP2,817

China: 4.1% / GBP1,027

South America (e.g. Brazil): 3.9% / GBP733

Since so many Brits haven’t been inside an airport in two years, there is obviously a huge pent-up demand for once-in-a-lifetime overseas dream vacations, according to Kevin Pratt, a travel and finance expert at Forbes Advisor. We can anticipate seeing millions of people travel to distant locations for sun, fun, adventure, and relaxation once the restrictions are lifted.

In the midst of the excitement of trip preparation, it’s crucial to check off a few items to guarantee everything goes according to plan. Don’t spend more than you can afford to; while it may be tempting to splash out on your first overseas vacation in a while, it’s best to avoid depleting your long-term savings or depleting your rainy day fund.

Next, purchasing travel insurance is a no-brainer. It’s crucial to get a plan that can cover potential Covid-19 issues, such as having to cancel because you become ill with the virus prior to departure. Additionally, you must make sure you have “worldwide” or “worldwide including North America” coverage if you plan to travel outside of Europe.

The cost of medical care in North America is higher than anywhere else, so travel insurance providers offer a special category of coverage for travellers going there. Although more expensive, this purchase is essential. Without insurance, the consequences of getting sick or hurt in North America could be financially disastrous.

In the event that you are held liable for injury, death, or property damage, travel insurance also offers liability protection. Again, due to the litigious nature of North American society, having insurance is essential because anyone who loses a lawsuit could incur exorbitant costs.

It’s also essential to purchase your policy as soon as you make your reservation so that cancellation protection is available right away.